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avondale's live journal

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About Avondale

New Singer
If you have not already heard. Steve Lefebvre, and Avondale have parted ways due to Creative Differeces / Different views. We are currently looking for new singers to try out. If you are interested please contact me @ andrew@avondaleemo.com and I will get you more information. Thank you.

We have put a live video of "Decay of an American Cynic" on our site in the media Section. > or "right click here & save target as to download.

Free CD
| due to the overwhelming request for cd's we will be unable to fullfil anymore requests, but we will attempt to send out the orders we have already recieved. Thank you, we will have more information soon |

A band from the phoenix arizona area. This band is a new innovative band that mixes technical riffs with catchy choruses. They have been told that they would fit really well into the east coast scene.

> Click here to hear more songs
> Go here for more show info
> Visit our message board here

Due to the large amount of video downloads our site has been shut down for the rest of the month. If you are interested in visiting the message board you may do so by clicking here

We have made all 5 songs downloadable. Now you can either Contact us about getting a free cd, or download all 5 songs and put them on cd for all your friends to hear, and for you to listen to.

Avondale is planning a west coast tour June 4-21st, so if you have any shows you would like them to play please feel free to contact us. If you can help us out that would be great. You can send any info about these shows to booking@avondaleemo.com

Check out the shows page to check us out live.

contact: tragedyinheart(aim)