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Well we now have a Live Journal Community! Everybody Enjoy IT!

About Avondale

Free CD
Avondale will be distributing free cds to whomever contacts us with their mailing address @

A band from the phoenix arizona area. This band is a new innovative band that mixes technical riffs with catchy choruses. They have been told that they would fit really well into the east coast scene.

> Click to hear more songs
> Go to for more show info
> E-mail us with your mailing adress @ for a free cd

We have made all 5 songs downloadable. Now you can either Contact us about getting a free cd, or download all 5 songs and put them on cd for all your friends to hear, and for you to listen to.

Ok, we got the mastered versions of "Contradictions & Angels" & "Eyes Closed" and they are now up. We have made them available for download so that you can download them and put them on a cd and show your friends. Alot of bands do not agree with CD Burning but we are asking you to burn the three songs available and give them to your friends or let them listn to it.

Avondale is planning a trip to california over March 12th(tentative), 13th, 14th, & 15th. They are still currently trying to book it so if you have any information on shows they might be able to play those 3 or 4 dates that would be great. You can send any info about these shows to

Check out the shows page to check us out live.

contact: tragedyinheart(aim)
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